The People’s House has both a revitalized look and mission. Your guests will enjoy the elegance of our refurbished Italianate-style mansion and experience Illinois history and art. Our event policy respects this 160-year-old state treasure yet anticipates accommodations for a wide variety of special occasions, events, and functions.

The Governor’s Mansion serves as the official residence of the First Family; a working office; a venue for educational, professional, community, and civic events; and a museum for visitors to Springfield. The Governor’s Mansion is a historic landmark that needs to be a living museum and treated with care.  We do not accommodate requests for personal or political use.

We look forward to working with you and we realize that each event is unique. For this reason, please note that this document may not address every potential issue, so we ask that you speak with our House Manager regarding all event details.  Moreover, the Mansion’s extensive renovation has required an update of our event policies in order to improve the ongoing care and maintenance of the space. For this reason, certain events held here in the past may not be hosted here in the future. 

Please note that events held at the Mansion do not include the attendance of Governor Bruce Rauner or First Lady Diana Rauner.  All requests for their attendance to an event will be directed to their Scheduling Offices.

By submitting an event request, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to the terms of the Governor’s Mansion Event Policies. The policies set forth herein are applicable to all events hosted by third parties at the Governor’s Mansion. 


The Governor’s Mansion is a historic landmark; thus, special guidelines have been established for events held within the space.  

The Governor’s Mansion and its furnishings must be treated with museum-like care.  Therefore, no outside entity can move any furnishings (chairs, tables, lamps, paintings, etc.) before or during an event.  If you are the host for an event held at the Governor’s Mansion, it is your responsibility to make sure all attendees are aware of the significance of the Mansion’s structure, grounds, and artifacts.  Therefore, your organization is liable for any damage which occurs during the event.   

The Mansion prohibits any form of gambling activity, firearms, and live animals, except for guide animals. Events may not create any hazard or impose undue hardship to the Mansion and its collections, exhibits, facilities, staff, or visitors. Casino functions, including raffles, ticket games, punch cards, and other gaming events are not allowed on Mansion property. 

Do not bring any hazardous materials to the Governor’s Mansion. The Host, vendors and guests will at all times conduct its activities with the upmost regard for public safety and follow all rules of the Governor’s Mansion. All federal, state and local laws and ordinances must be followed at all times.  

The Governor’s Mansion reserves the right to refuse rental to individuals, organizations or events that discriminate because of an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, order of protection status, marital status, physical or mental disability, military status, sexual orientation, pregnancy or in any other way that would constitute a violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILCS 5).


Events are not scheduled at the Governor’s Mansion on state holidays and during official office functions. Events may be scheduled during the hours of 8 AM-8 PM on weekdays, 8 AM-9 PM on Saturdays, and 8 AM-7 PM on Sundays. These hours are subject to change. 

Please note that if your event takes place during public touring hours (Monday-Sunday from 1-4 PM), tours will continue and be directed accordingly to avoid event interruption. 

Event Expenditures

Events can be booked at the mansion at the following rates:

Facility Use Fee:  $150/hour, plus 

Administrative Fee: $200

Preservation and Maintenance Fee:  

  • 25-150 guests: $300

  • 151-300 guests: $425

  • 301-400 guests: $550

Additional fees may apply for additional space/usage needs, such as outdoor reservations. A 25% deposit will be due one month prior to the date of your event and a final payment will be due 2 weeks prior to the date of your event. All financial details and policies can be discussed with the Association at mansionassociation@gmail.com

Event Insurance Requirements

Vendors must supply evidence of event insurance of $1,000,000 14 days prior to the event.  This insurance must be from a recognized insurance company covering your entire event.  The insurance must name “The State of Illinois, Illinois Department of Natural Resources” and “Illinois Governor’s Mansion Association” as an additional insured. 

Fundraising and Event Sponsorship

The Governor’s Mansion and/or surrounding grounds shall not be utilized for fundraising events other than for the benefit of the Illinois Governor’s Mansion Association. The exchanging of funds on the Mansion premises is not permitted. Sponsorship of events and activities is permitted.

Food and Beverages/Catering Details

A list of preferred caterers will soon be available to groups hosting events at the Mansion. All food and beverages must be provided through designated caterers. Groups are prohibited from providing their own food and beverages. Any special pre-approved outside items are subject to a service fee. 


Thanks to our recent renovation, the Governor’s Mansion is proud to be fully compliant with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”). Please inform the House Manager if your group needs any special assistance or accommodations.    

Audio/Visual Capabilities

The Governor’s Mansion does not provide any A/V capability. The Governor’s Mansion is not equipped to provide commercial grade entertainment systems.  Groups are responsible for their own equipment and facilitation of such needs with oversight from Mansion staff.  


The Governor’s Mansion reserves the right to approve any entertainment, including all speakers, performers, movies, or programs offered at an event to ensure that the nature of the gathering is consistent with the mission of the Governor’s Mansion.  The name and type of entertainment must be provided to the House Manager and Mansion Association three weeks in advance of the event for approval.

Invitations /Printed Materials

The content of all electronic or printed event materials must be submitted to the Mansion House Manager for review and approval before print and distribution. Please allow two weeksfor the approval process to be completed before public distribution.     


Free standing decorations are allowed.  Decorations must be fire retardant and adhere to the fire codes in Springfield.  No open flames are allowed higher than one inch below the top of the enclosure.  No decorations may be attached in any manner, except under the discretion and direction of the House Manager. 

Occupancy and Security Requirements

The minimum number of guests for an event at the Mansion is 25. For seated events in the State Ballroom, the maximum capacity is 117. 

The estimated number of guests must be included at the time you turn in your Rental and Hold Harmless Agreement. A final count is required five business days prior to the event.  A typed, alphabetized guest list is required two business days before the event for security purposes.  All guests will be required to bring state issued IDs or passports and to check in with security before entering the Mansion.It is the responsibility of the host to alert guests to these security measures and RSVP accordingly.

Bag Policy

Visitors to the Governor’s Mansion should not bring large bags onto the mansion grounds. Small personal bags are allowed but are subject to search by security. Large backpacks will notbe allowed.  

Photo Policy

The Governor’s Mansion is not available to accommodate group photo requests such as prom, homecomings, or weddings. Photographs taken in designated areas in the Governor’s Mansion for personal, private and non-commercial use is permitted.  Non-flash photography and videotaping is allowed in designated spaces of the Governor’s Mansion. 

Flash photography is not allowed in the Governor’s Mansion due to the art exhibit currently displayed throughout the Mansion, Art of Illinois. Photographs/videos cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed or otherwise commercially exploited.  

Weather Delay/Cancellation

The possibility exists that bad weather may cause the Governor’s Mansion to have to delay or cancel an event.  If the event is delayed, all efforts will be made, if possible, to complete the event.  If there is a long delay which makes it necessary to abbreviate the event or cancel the event, the House Manager will decide as to delay or cancellation.  If there is a significant delay or a cancellation, the Mansion Association may contact the host after the event to discuss possible refund of rental charges.   

Cancellation Policy

Events cancelled before final payment is due (2 weeks prior) will be eligible for a full refund except for a $250 cancellation fee that will be retained by the Mansion Association. Events cancelled after payment is due in full may be subject to additional fees according to the individual policies of the catering company. The refund policy is subject to additional fees or limitations as set by the chosen catering company. 

Please note: These policies may be waived with prior written approval at the discretion of the House Manager or Curatoron a situational basis, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the Mansion and consistent with its mission.